Site Search Gadget

This gadget is all you need, to get up and running with Site Search. Just provide the URL of the website you want to search, and see if the results satisfy your expectations. After an evaluation period, you can decide whether you want to subscribe to Site Search to continue using this website search service.

Invalid URL - consider omitting/adding www or replacing http with https
Up to 500 pages of a website are crawled in this evaluation mode
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Here you can search for content from the site you have provided above. This way you can evaluate the Site Search before embedding it anywhere. Please consider a delay of up to a few minutes until your site becomes fully searchable.

Add Site Search to your website

You need to embed this HTML snippet into your website, in order to make the search, you just tested above, available on your website. Adjusting the layout, colors, and general design of the search bar is as easy as styling any other part of your website. If you have any other specific questions, consider reading our FAQ.